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April 30th, 2010

kassia: (Default)
Friday, April 30th, 2010 07:53 am
Icon and Evidence : poems by Margaret Gibson
The sacred art of bowing : preparing to practice by Andi Young
Why We Love : The Nature And Chemistry Of Romantic Love by Helen E. Fisher

The Book of Jasher : with testimonies and notes, critical and historical, explanatory of the text. tr. Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus (published in 1751, coincident with the earliest distinct expressions of the documentary hypothesis - the first attempted reconstruction of a Torah source?)

Painted Bed by Donald Hall

Studies in Early Mysticism in the Near and Middle East by Margaret Smith ("the oppressor has need of repentance, though men praise him, and the oppressed is safe, though men blame him; so also the contented man is rich, though he be hungry, and the covetous man is poor, though he own the whole world" - al-Muhasibi)

Ordained Women in the Early Church : a documentary history tr. Kevin Madigan and Carolyn Osiek ("The sharp words about widows as wandering gossips reflect the informal female communication network that functions in most traditional cultures, which men typically disdain because they are excluded from it. It will be a repeated stereotype in later literature.")

* The Nestorian Monument of Hsi-an Fu in Shen-hsi, China by James Legge
* The Nestorian Monument : an ancient record of christianity in China ed. Dr. Paul Carus
* Our Man of Patience by Anees I. Baroody
* The Jews in China : their synagogue, their scriptures, their history, &c. by James Finn
* Gulshan I Raz : the mystic rose garden of Sa'd ud din Mahmud Shabistari tr. E. H. Whinfield

The Silent Cry : mysticism and resistance by Dorothee Soelle
A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby (hilarious.)
* Holy Women of Byzantium : Ten Saints' Lives in English Translation ed. Alice-Mary Talbot

* ebooks (Conveniently, at the turn of the previous century, many people were interested in the same topics as I am now, and so books like these are coming into the public domain, despite our ridiculous copyright extensions. Thanks for scanning them, google!), mostly read on [livejournal.com profile] snowbiker's Kindle DX I'm borrowing. The physical device is lovely, and the user interface is much better than the nook's. Of all the features missing, the most annoying to me is the inability to display downloaded html files, but I suspect that would require a folder structure. The external speaker is better than the iphone's, but the headphone jack emits a signal curiously distorted with a frequency-dependent lag. The web browser is practically useless, and I'm having a hard time imagining any book I'd want to "buy" with amazon's drm that I wouldn't rather buy outright or borrow from the library, so I see no reason to ever turn on the wireless. Of the 24 books on my to-read shelf at the moment, only 6 are available to "buy" from amazon for the kindle anyway. Many of my complaints about the software will supposedly be fixed with the new update.